Hospitaliers Lodge V – Malta Masons.

These pages will provide Malta Masons, overseas masons and non-masons alike with an introduction to Hospitaliers lodge. – its activities, its interests, its ideals and its desire to make Freemasonry a pleasant, instructive, useful and enjoyable part of a mason’s life. The brethren of the Lodge wish to share their knowledge and experiences on their journey through the Craft and in doing so hope to become more fulfilled in their declared goals of brotherly love, relief and truth.

Freemasonry on Malta

Freemasons on Malta are known as Malta Masons. There are three constitutions in Malta – The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta, The Malta Group of English Lodges, consisting of two lodges and one Scottish lodge from the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Creation of Hospitaliers Lodge

In 2003, Abercorn Lodge, Leinster Lodge and Fenici Lodge jointly and unanimously resolved to move to the creation of a Maltese Grand Lodge, and preparatory work to bring this into effect commenced. In August 2004, the Irish Constitution Grand Inspector J. P. Cordina presided over the creation of ‘Hospitaliers Lodge No. 931’, which immediately likewise resolved to participate in the formation of a Grand Lodge of Malta.

In 2004, the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta was formed, with Hospitaliers Lodge being one of the founding lodges.


Subordinate Maltese Lodges

Loġġia Mikiel Anton Vassalli  No. I
(Founded 1851 as Leinster Lodge 378 IC
and 2004 as Mikiel Anto Vassalli Lodge I SGLOM)
Abercorn Lodge  No. II
(Founded 1756 as 14th Dragoons Lodge 273 IC 
and 1899 as Abercorn Lodge 273 IC, then in 2004
as Abercorn Lodge II SGLOM)
Count Roger of Normandy Lodge No. III
(Founded 1988 UGLE, than 2004 SGLOM)
Hospitaliers Lodge No V
(Founded 2003 as Hospitaliers Lodge 931 IC
ns 2004 as Hospitaliers Lodge V SGLOM)
Ars Discendi Lodge No. VI
Founded (2005)
Loġġia Flos Mundi No. VII
(Founded 2005)
White Sea Lodge No. VIII
(Founded 2010)
Mare Nostrvm Lodge No. IX
(Founded 2011)
Utopia Lodge No. X
(Founded 2013)
Spartaco Mennini Lodge No. XI
(Founded 2013) 


SGLOM Maltese Masons, Freemasonry on Malta

The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta is the sole Masonic Authority in the Jurisdiction of Malta Masons in the Republic of Malta.

Malta Masons

There are other Masonic Constitutions on the islands of Malta and Gozo: English Freemasony in Malta consists of two Lodges and one Royal Arch Chapter.
There is also a lodge under the Scottish Constitution.

Other regular Masonic bodies operate in our Jurisdiction in concord with The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta: The Lodge of St. John & St. Paul No. 349, De Rohan Lodge No. 9670 and Royal Arch Chapter No. 349 under the United Grand Lodge of England. Lodge St. Andrews No. 966 under The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The constitution of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta and the English Malta Masons represent Freemasonry in Malta. Visit the SGLOM website –

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