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AL 3043

The Jerusalem Chronicle.
The Royal David’s City.
March A.L.3043

A statement from the Department of Works at the Royal Palace, Jerusalem indicates that work is expected to commence on the building of the Temple within months. The news has been welcomed by all parties and a spokesman for the Hoteliers and Retail sector says “This is just the news that we have waited for. It will boost trade in all sectors not only in the building and allied trades but also in the housing and hotel sector”. It has also come to the notice of our reporter at the Palace that a top level delegation of negotiators has already left for the city of Tyre where talks will take place with King Hiram. Such is the importance of the mission that King Jedidiah himself leading the team. The expectations of a successful deal are high as King Hiram has always been a good friend to the people of Israel and had many mutually successful dealings with King David, the father of King Jedidiah.

The purpose of the approach is to secure a work force capable of building the City Temple to the magnificence of that designed by King David and his Chief Architect Aemon. The extensively detailed plans are based on the instructions handed down from the time of Moses. There has been a degree of impatience among the population with the delaying tactics of the authorities in starting the building work. Indeed it is now nearly four years since King Jedidiah acceded to the throne and not a stone has been laid. While it is generally accepted that King David himself was denied the right to start building-the priesthood considered he was too warlike and there was too much blood on his hands-it was difficult to understand why King Jedidiah had apparently made no attempt to start the work.

A spokesman for JEPA (the Jerusalem Environment and Planning Authority) explained that as the majority of Israeli citizens were either farmers or soldiers, it was difficult to find builders and craftsmen with the skills to build such a magnificent and major project. This was the reason for King Jedidiah’s delegation to Tyre. His remit was to recruit a skilled and talented work force, to secure supplies of Lebanese Cedar and to employ someone to oversee the entire project.

Wednesday March 15th=A.L.3043
The Foreign Office
Town Hall,

A delegation led by King Jedidiah of Israel has this morning arrived at the Foreign Office for talks with officials of the Department of External Affairs. It is expected that King Hiram himself will chair the discussions. The relationship between the Phoenician nation and that of the Israelites has always been cordial and a mutually satisfactory and beneficial conclusion to the talks is expected. The visitors were welcomed and entertained last evening at the Royal Palace where gifts were exchanged and expressions of friendship between the two great nations were extended. It is anticipated that if a deal is secured then employment for many thousands of Phoenician workers will be guaranteed.

Thursday 16th March A.L.3043

The scheduled meeting between the delegation led by king Jedidiah and that of King Hiram has concluded its first day of negotiations. A spokesman for the Israelites states that “An arrangement between our two great Nations has been agreed in principle to the benefit of both countries. Negotiators from both sides will now meet to work out the details and a further statement will be issued on Monday”. The teams left the Ministry to prepare for a second banquet to be held on the shores of the island of Tyre and hosted by King Jedidiah.

Monday 20th March A.L. 3043

A detailed statement from the Department of Works has been issued giving a comprehensive description of the deal that has been brokered by the negotiators. King Hiram of Tyre has agreed to supply a workforce consisting of workers of all classes including stone masons, hewers, metal workers, carpenters, artists, painters and labourers, he will also supply quantities of Lebanese Cedar and Cypress and to appoint an Overseer or Chief Architect for the said project.= In return King Jedidiah of Jerusalem will send quantities of corn, of olive oil and of wine to Tyre – all commodities essential to a sea faring nation.

The work force will be selected and sent to Jerusalem over the coming months where they will be accommodated in boarding houses, hotels and dormitories specially made for the purpose A further force of some 30,000 Israelites will be sent to Tyre for training in the skills of masonry, metal working and carpentry. They will be despatched in blocks of 10,000 and will spend two months training followed by one month on site working. The cycle will be repeated until they become masters of the craft. The results of the Census of aliens have been released by the Department for Home Affairs. It states that there are one hundred and fifty three thousand six hundred foreigners residing in Israel. Of these the Department of Works has selected seventy thousand to be employed as hauliers, eighty thousand as quarrymen and three thousand six hundred to be made superintendents to ensure the work is completed. Objections to these people being described as foreigners have been raised.

The objectors argue that these people are regular residents of Israel and Judah and although having Phoenician ancestry are nevertheless genuine citizens of the Israel built by King David. It has been insinuated that this work force is nothing more than slave labour and that they are being used mainly as navvies to do=the hard labour and to create an impression that the main work force is Hebrew and not Phoenician. The Lebanese Cedar cut from the Barouk area, will be despatched by sea to the roadstead of Joppa and then overland to Mount Moriah. The man chosen to control the entire project is the son of a widow woman from Nephtali and whose father was a worker of brass. His name is Huram and he will be the governor, the boss, the chief architect the Abif. The main delegation will return to Jerusalem on Wednesday leaving a smaller group to supervise the arrangements.

Tuesday 21st March A.L.3043

News has now reached Jerusalem that the mission to Tyre has been successful and work will soon start on the Temple. The citizens of Jerusalem have welcomed the news with great enthusiasm. Many prayers and thanksgivings have been offered as the realisation of their dreams and prayers has at last been answered. The City is preparing itself for an influx of workers not only from Phoenicia but from much of the surrounding countryside. King David spent many years building the nation of Israel, partly by warfare and partly by negotiation. His efforts have paid off as Israel, for the first time in its turbulent history is now at peace. The time is ripe for such an undertaking as that of the Temple building. The Jerusalem Chronicle will report on the progress of the Temple construction in future editions.

Letters to the Editor on matters relating to the Temple project should be brief and directed through the ‘contact us’ page.