About Freemasonry 

The Hospitaliers Lodge…

… was consecrated in August 2004 and is a founding Lodge of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta. Although still a ‘young’ Lodge, the brethren have achieved much in their short life and have been hosts to several overseas Lodges. The Lodge is twinned with La Pierre D’Alliance Loge no 1504 in the Province of Auverne, Vichy, France and has strong links with the Emerald Isle Lodge No XIX of the Irish Constitution who celebrated their centenary with us in May 2007. The Lodge can boast a good attendance at its meetings which are boosted and enriched from the many visitors that come to the island. Our ritual is the Hospitaliers Workings which are a slightly more elaborate and sophisticated version of the Complete Emulation Workings.

Lectures and Classes…

While most of our meetings are taken up with degrees we still manage to fit in the occasional lecture and have been entertained with some most thought provoking performances. Our regular ‘classes’ allow us to rehearse our ritual and make an advancement in our Masonic k knowledge. We have questions and answers sessions where younger brethren can tax the knowledge of our Past Masters – and if they do not know the answer, as sometimes happens – they make a point of finding out! We welcome brethren from other Lodges to our ‘sessions’ and indeed any visitor wanting to experience Maltese masonry is most welcome to come along.

Our Purpose

It is not the remit of this site to explain the history or the philosophy of Freemasonry. This is better handled elsewhere. Suffice it to say that at Hospitaliers Lodge we endeavour to maintain and uphold the principles of this great institution. We encourage our brethren to be honourable in their lives, to be respectful and respectable. To obey the laws of their country, to follow their chosen religion, to love and protect their families. It is with such dedication and commitment that we hope to make our world a better place to live in and to make it safe for our children. At Hospitaliers Lodge we follow the Ancient Landmarks and established practices of our institution with enthusiasm, with accuracy and with commitment. This is all achieved in as happy and harmonious manner as we can muster.

Guests and Visitors

Our invitation to visit is extended to all masons, especially travelers. Our Lodge has been particularly fortunate over the years with the many visitors who have spent time with us. Brethren from America, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Australia to name but a few. Their presence has added colour and excitement and interest to our meetings. We thank past visitors fro sharing their time with us and hope they will come again. The Hospitaliers Lodge has chosen a buffet style Festive Board after our meetings. These have proved successful as they allow brethren to mix and mingle. It gives the younger brethren a chance to meet and talk with older more experienced brothers. It is wonderful to see a newly initiated brother in friendly conversation with the Grand Master! Something that does not happen at a formal meal. If you are a non-mason and would like to learn more then please contact the secretary on our ‘contact us’ page. In the meantime, our sincere and fraternal greetings to you our reader. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to making your acquaintance one day

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