The three great principles by which we stand as Freemasons are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. At the very heart of Freemasonry is Charity. We are taught to care for our neighbour and practise charity by giving, by effort, by time and by works. From time immemorial Freemasons have been concerned with the plight of the sick, of the aged and of orphans. The brethren of Hospitaliers Lodge are resolved to attend to these laudable aims at every level. Not only to give aid and assistance to our Brotherhood and its families but to extend our activities to non-masonic charities and individuals.

If any brother or indeed anyone reading this message wishes to donate towards these laudable aims then please contact our Charity Steward through our ‘contact us’ and he will explain the procedure for doing so.


The word ‘Hospitalier’ in the French language means ‘one who cares’ and the brethren in Hospitaliers Lodge are ever conscious that we aspire to be a caring Lodge. As such, if any brother knows of anyone who requires assistance or advice, then please contact our Almoner through our ‘contact us’ page and he will help wherever he can.

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