Was Moses a Freemason?
The implications of this question strike at the very foundation of our institution. If the answer is ‘yes’ then it implies that Freemasonry must have existed some three thousand four hundred years ago. If this is the case then we are truly an ancient institution. Even if the answer is ‘No’ then there is still an implication that some sort of organisation must have existed…

Masonic Fire
What is Masonic Fire? Many of us were introduced to Masonic Fire on their Initiation Night During the Festive Board that normally follows most regular meetings…

The Temple Mount
If you travel North from the plains of Sinai towards the Sea of Galilee, between the Mediterranean in the West and the Dead Sea in the East there are three…

A Masonic Lodge
An in depth look at the interior of our Lodge, its furniture, its jewels and its symbolism.

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