Master of the Lodge

As Master of the Hospitaliers Lodge I wish you ‘merhba’ which is the Maltese word for ‘welcome’. In the true spirit of universal freemasonry we extend a warm welcome to brethren from all Lodges and most especially to visitors from overseas of whom we see many in our small island.

Like so many Masters of Lodges before me it is with great pride that I sit in the Chair of King Solomon. I am especially fortunate here at Hospitaliers Lodge as I have a first class, dedicated team of officers whose commitment to Freemasonry is exemplary.

Our Lodge has grown in the few years and since our consecration we have evolved. It has meant that we have had a very busy schedule and in spite of having only three meetings a year, we have still had to add a few emergency meetings to cope with the work load of degrees.

It has been a steep learning curve for many of our brethren but they have not baulked from the task and are an example to any visitor of good Masonic practice. I look forward to the setting up of this our Web site. It is with some trepidation that we do so as we do not know what to expect from it. However, if as we hope, it brings us in contact with many similarly minded brethren, then we will be happy.

To conclude, may I wish you well on your journey through Freemasonry and if those travels should bring you to the wonderful island of Malta and Gozo, then be sure to call in and see us.

You will be most welcome.

VW Bro Neil Clarke
The Worshipful Master

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